アジアヴァルドルフ教員会議 AWTC2015

The 6th Asian Waldorf Teachers' Conference 2015
News and Announcements

* We completed all the programs *


Before you post your questions, please take a look back to our bulletin board to make sure if your similar questions have already posted. We prefer for you to post your questions on this bulletin board. Please note that it may take a while to reply to you if you send us your questions by email or fax.


News and Announcements

07/05/2015 : We completed all the programs. Thank you!
On May 1, 2015, all the programs of AWTC2015 ended and the participants took journey back to their home countries with hope and enlightenment. This conference filled with joy was made possible by every single participant.
We would like to express our gratitude to you all and look forward to seeing you again in China for the next AWTC.
Some of the conference snapshots are posted in the following link. Please feel free to use the pictures for your reports and newsletters. Enjoy!
27/04/2015 : the devastating earthquake that shook Nepal
Our hearts go out to all those affected by the devastating earthquake that shook Nepal and neighboring regions on April 25.
As Asian friends, we pray for all the strength for families who lost their loved ones and for everyone in rescue operations. May the country see hope and confidence to quickly recover from the tragedy.
この度の4月25日に起こったネパールの大きな地震によって亡くなった多くの方々、被害にあわれた皆さまに、アジアの友人として心よりお見舞い申し上げます。 早期の復旧を願っています。
23/04/2015 : The bus timetable has been posted.
The bus timetable between the venue and Fujino Station has been posted.
22/04/2015 : We highly recommend that you buy travel insurance.
Please note that the medical cost in Japan is very high. We highly recommend that you buy travel insurance before you leave your home country.
20/04/2015 : IMPORTANT NOTICE! - The participation fee for the optional tour A has been changed.
The participation fee for the optional tour A (Sightseeing a World Cultural Heritage Site of Mt. Fuji) will be 4,000 yen, increased by 500 yen from the originally announced 3,500 yen. We appreciate your understanding.
19/04/2015 : New category "Greetings" has been added to the AWTC2015 Q&A Bulletin Board.

We have added a new bulletin board category "Greetings" for exchanging greetings among participants. We encourage you to share your enthusiasm for the conference, post messages to the fellow colleagues from other countries and the conference staff members in Japan, or utilize the space to let us know about your school!

* This category is for exchanging your messages; for questions, please use other categories.


* このカテゴリーは質問をする場所ではなく、お互いにメッセージを交換する場です。ご質問はほかのカテゴリにお願いします。

18/04/2015 : Greetings!!

Dear All Teachers from Asia and Lectures,

There are only a few days left until our conference "AWTC2015".
We are preparing speedily but wholeheartedly to get ready for welcoming you in Japan. We very much look forward to seeing you all in Fujino with full of nature.

Asa Suzuki / AWTC2015 steering committee



2015年AWTC执行委员 铃木麻

아시아 선생님, 강사의 여러분

AWTC2015 가 앞으로 얼마 남지 않았습니다.
일본에서는 지금 빠른 속도로 매사에 마음을 다해 여러분을 맞이할 준비를 진행하고 있습니다.
자연환경이 풍부한 후지노의 땅에서 여러분들을 만나는 것에 대해 진심으로 기대하고 있습니다.

스즈키 아사 / AWTC 실행위원회



鈴木麻 / 第6回アジア・ヴァルドルフ教員会議実行委員会

Dear colleagues from Asia,
and those who will kindly give lectures,

It is time in Fujino when delicate cherry petals carpet the ground and new leaves are sprouting all around.
Our campus in the mountain has given us challenging tasks to host international attendees - its facility and public transportation may be neither sufficient nor convenient. Nonetheless, we have been preparing the site with love and joy to greet Waldorf teachers from Asian countries. We are greatly honored to have you here and be a part of the global/Asian circle.
We wish you a safe and enjoyable journey and look forward to seeing you with a smile!
Warmest regards,

Rieko Hata / Representative of Japan Waldorf Schools Association



日本华德福学校协会代表 秦理絵子

친애하는 아시아 동료 여러분,
그리고 강의 해 주시는 강사 여러분,

후지노는 벚꽃의 꽃잎이 지면에 쌓여, 이제 새잎이 싹틀 계절입니다.
산속의 학교에 여러분을 맞이하기 위해 많은 준비가 필요합니다. 시설도 교통기관도 충분하지 않고, 불편을 끼쳐 드릴지도 모릅니다.
그렇다 하더라도 우리는 여러분과 만나, 아시아와 세계의 고리가 되어지는 것을 가슴 두근거리며 기다리고 있습니다!
웃는 얼굴로 만나기를 바라며, 무사히 도착하시기를 기원합니다.

하타 에리코 / 일본 슈타이너학교협회대표


山の中の学校にみなさんをお迎えするために多くの準備が必要です。施設も交通機関も充分ではなく、ご不便をおかけするかもしれません。それでも私たちは、みなさんと出会い、アジアと世界の輪が出来ることを、胸を高鳴らせてお待ちしています! 笑顔でお会いしましょう。

はたりえこ / 日本シュタイナー学校協会代表

01/04/2015 : IMPORTANT NOTICE! - Rental fees for Intercoms have been revised.
Rental fees for interpretation equipment (Intercoms) have been revised. The rental charge is JPY2,000 and there will be no deposit required. For the original information regarding Intercoms, please see here.
通訳機器(インカム)の貸出利用料金が変更になりました。貸し出し料金は2,000円になり、補償金は不要になりました。 元情報はこちらのページです。
19/03/2015 : Information about the transportation
Information about the transportation/routes from Narita and Haneda airports to AWTC site is now available.
05/03/2015 : VISA information
For those who asked an invitation letter for your visa application, letters has been sent out to the schools / individuals today by EMS.
希望各位办理签证顺利! 期待与各位在日本相见!
20/02/2015 : We are closed to new entries for applications.
As of 19 Feb, we are closed to new entries for applications for AWTC 2015. Thanks for your interests and applications for the event.
23/01/2015 : IMPORTANT NOTICE! - We have filled up quickly.
Thank you very much for your interest in AWTC 2015.  We have filled up quickly.  Therefore, further application will be registered in the waiting list.  Whether your application being accepted or not will be notified sometime around March 9th.  We will decide who to join considering the international varieties and workshop balance.  Payment should be made after the notice.  Thank you for your patience. 
21/01/2015 : Keynote speeches page open
Keynote speeches page open.
20/01/2015 : Waiting List Information for applicants from China
On Jan 20th at 4pm, we received 90 applications from China. From then, We hold applications from China on our waiting list. Also, there is only a little remaining in total.



18/01/2015 : Regarding our Status of Accepting Applications

We are excited to announce that we have received more than 150 applications for 235 openings! Thank you!

In order to save space for potential participants from countries that have not sent an application, we will limit the number of applications to 10 per school from January 18 and on. Also, we will temporarily hold the application process for China and Korea when the applications reach 90 (for China) and 45 (for Korea) until February 19.

In case we need to hold the application process for those countries, we will create a waiting list and let any additional applicants know whether we can accept more participants by March 7.

Although we heartily wish to invite as many Waldorf teachers as possible, we do have limited facility space available. We appreciate your kind understanding.









17/01/2015 : Our Q&A bulletin board open
Our Q&A bulletin board open.
14/01/2015 : About the status of accepted procedures
  1. 关于您的报名申请,我们正在就报名顺序逐一地给各位回复,告知各位我们已收到您的报名表,并通知您汇款账号。 但是目前我们的回复工作大幅度延误,给各位带来不便,我们深表歉意。特别是要向来自中国的各位老师表示深深的歉意。敬请谅解。
  2. 此外,本次大会预定与会人员为200名,目前我们已经接到了140名左右的报名表。原则上我们根据报名顺序,人数超过200名时,中止报名活动。 但是目前有一些国家的报名人数为零,考虑到希望尽可能多的国家能来参加本次大会,大会筹委会将对一些国家的报名人数做一些调整。
    对于来自中国的诸多老师的对本次大会的积极参与,我们深表谢意。 但是由于中国的华德福学校较多,老师较多,出于希望尽可能多的华德福学校的老师能参与到这次大会中,我们筹委会将对各个学校的与会者的数量做一部分调整。 请各位理解并能协助我们的工作。
  1. Your application and payment information has been processed in order; however, due to the high demand, we are experiencing some delay in sending out confirmation emails (especially for those applied from China; we appreciate your understanding!). We are working hard to reply to you all by January 18.
  2. As of January 14, we have received more than 140 applications for 200 openings. Since it is on a first come, first served basis, we will close the application process once the number of applications reaches 200. On the other hand, please note that we may adjust the number of participants per country in order to accommodate participants from as many countries as possible (we are waiting for more responses from Waldorf communities in some countries that have not submitted any application).
  1. 申し込み確認、振込先連絡について、順次対応していますが、お返事にかなりの遅れが発生しています。申し訳ありません。 特に中国の参加希望者の方々にはご迷惑をおかけしています。
  2. 参加者枠200に対して、すでに140名を超える申し込みが入っています。 原則的には申し込み順ですので、200名に到達した時点で申し込み終了となりますが、まだ一件も申し込みのない国もありますので、なるべく多くの国からの参加が可能となるよう、こちらで人数の調整をさせていただくことがあります。 ご了承ください。
13/01/2015 : 宿泊費情報の訂正 (Japanese page only)
  • 正:44,000円 : 陣渓園 12~18人部屋(大部屋)
  • 後:46,000円 : 陣渓園 12~18人部屋(大部屋)
09/01/2015 : Our Q&A bulletin board is coming soon
Our Q&A bulletin board is currently under construction (coming soon).
05/01/2015 : New workshop in the afternoon has been added
New workshop in the afternoon has been added.
No.18 : "Biodynamic farming and gardening curriculum in a Waldorf School"
If you wish to change your plan for this workshop, please contact us.
18/12/2014 : The workshop No.12(am) and No.16(pm) have been changed
The workshop No.12(morning) and No.16(afternoon) by Joep Eikenboom have been changed the subject of his workshop. Please go to the page "Workshops and Lecturers" to see their changes.
Joep Eikenboom氏の 午前分科会12午後分科会16 の内容が変更になっています。すでに早い段階でお申し込みされた方は、「分科会と講師の詳細」で確認してください。
02/12/2014 : Our Official Web site Open
Our Official Web site Open.

Q & A bulletin board

Q&A bulletin board


日本シュタイナー学校協会(代表:秦 理絵子)

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